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Africa on the Move


by Ahmed Sékou Touré

In this book, Sékou Touré expresses the ideology of the Guinean Revolution. Beginning with an historical analysis of conditions in pre-independence times, he goes on to analyze the 'groundwork of the revolution' and to define the principles, orientation and methods of the Democratic Party of Guinea (PDG). Among aspects of the progress of the party-state which he discusses at length are socialist planning, education, the position of women, justice, PanAfrican and foreign policies, political and administrative structures, and PanAfrican culture.

First published 1977; reprinted 1979, 2002.
978-0-901787-50-7 (P/b) £26


CPP ~ THE CONVENTION PEOPLE'S PARTY HANDBOOKThe first fifty years of the CPP ~ Africa's revolutionary party 1949-1999.

Panaf International Edition.

First published July 2002.
978-0-901787-59-0 (P/b) £8 ; pp. 86

KWAME NKRUMAH: Contributions to the African Revolution

By Doreatha Mbalia

Drawing on the published works, correspondence and speeches ofKwame Nkrumah, as well as on contemporary press reportage during Nkrumah's final months in Ghana, this work offers a view of the theory and practice of the visionary proponent of a united African continent. This work traces the development Mbalia sees in Nkrumah's theory and practice, from the early formation of his unique ideology that emphasises the crucial role of socialism in the progress towards a united African continent, to the coup that ended his Presidency of Ghana and his subsequent belief that the people of Africa must, when diplomatic and political means had failed, raise arms against neo-colonialism-the persisting enemy of Pan-African unity. Mbalia warns that, nearly four decades after the death of Kwame Nkrumah in 1972, present-day forces of neo-colonialism still threaten the African continent, and urges that Nkrumah's vision still points the way to Pan-African unity.

First published 2013. ISBN 978-0-901787-06-4 (P/b) £18